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Super Duper Ultra Mega Revive!

I am currently researching on this.

Things I have already done:
- Edited the sprites so no more Back Sprites. Just mirrored Front Sprites. (With Wichu's Sprite Editor of course.
- Edited the Y axis positions of all sprites so the would all be in Lower Center Left and Lower Center Right. (With Wichu's Sprite Position Editor of course. Again.)

Things I have to do:
- Find out the tilemap.raw of the Battle Textbox and reposition them to make the Player's in the Top Left and the Opponent's in the Top Right.
- Find out how to hack the Video RAM for the HP and the EXP bar.

Note: Let us not think about how to do the animations yet. There's already some people in RHO researching on how particles move. Let's focus on this things.

Another Note: Don't think of it as some thing Work>Outcome. Stop that logic. Spriting Back Sprites for Fakemons is greater work than this. It would benefit a lot of people (including me) who are having hard times spriting Back Sprites. Also, wouldn't it look greater if we do it? It would also get rid of the not-so-sufficient perspective of GBA Pokemon Games. I mean take a Clean FR ROM in it's current state right now. Player's Back Sprite shows. Half-Body, head to bust sprite isn't it? Then he/she brings out a Pokemon, take Charmander for example. Shouldn't he be smaller from the Player? BUT it's the opposite~ Player's Half-Body Head to Bust sprite is smaller than a Pokemon's Back Sprite which is physically smaller than him! That just defies the law of Physics and Perspectives. And Art.

Think about it.

EDIT: I think we should also find the Y axis of the player's Back Sprite, raise it a bit upward and make it show the front sprite instead.

And of course, I'd greatly appreciate any help.
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