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Just finished Hunting Mew arc.

Originally Posted by Sceptylos View Post
I am inlove with this game, one question though should I continue training my team for the Beta 3 or will it restart my save file? I'm not sure how updates with roms work.

Edit: Got bored and trained up anyway, but last question, will Saur evolve after fighting that Primeape? Right now I'm making it hold an Everstone to keep it from going through that annoying evolution screen but I noticed everyone else lets theirs evolve
Well, you see the purpose of beta is to really let people test out the game. S new beta release, I often go back and change some events around, or repoint the flags. It's not like you can't continue off from your previous save file, but it might become very buggy and glitchy.

AS of now, you bulbasaur will evolve to Ivysaur at a normal level. It doesn't affect the story elements (since the events changes depending on certain pokemon in your party). However, starting from beta 3, Ivysaur wouldn't be able to evolve to Venusaur through leveling up.