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Here's my alpha SU. I'm gonna be gone for most of the day, so I'll work on it when I get back. Are there any suggestions for a better name? (I'm at a loss XD)

Name: Storm Arcanus

Nickname: N/A

Age: 16

Gender: M

Appearance: Storm is of an average height, standing at 5'9, and has a fit body. He is neither too skinny, nor too large. He is very agile though, seeing as he is in really good shape. His skin is tan, much like a light caramel.

l'Cie Brand: Storm's I'Cie brand is positioned on the back of his neck

Weapon: Storm fights with a metal staff forged from the finest steel. It's nearly indestructable.

Personality: (Describe how your character acts) 100 word Minimum.

History: (How was your characters past) 200 words Minimum. (50 words minimum if your past is secret)

Paradigms: Ravager, Synergist, and Saboteur

Eidolon: Alexander

Password: Aa1111

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