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Quote originally posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers:
with decent actors and an acclaimed director like Christopher Nolan or something that could actually turn the rather jokeful plot of the first PokéSpe arcs into something thrilling and beautiful.
Christopher Nolan. YES.

We should start a petition. Waiting on Superman, but if it turns out slightly lighter-toned than Batman, then he's the ideal person to do it, as PokéSpe is to pokémon what Batman is to superheroes really, just a little darker. (From my limited knowledge of the batman films since the 1980s :P ).
Hell, just get the Superman team - Zack Snyder adapted the "impossible" Watchmen graphic novel into a decent (albeit lengthy) film.

Obviously it'd never happen - the anime-based pokémon movies are hardly blockbusters are they? (Well, Arceus and The Jewel Of Life was top-grossing animated film in Japan, but that was only $50.2million). But it'd be pretty awesome if they did. I'd imagine it would have the potential to do well if they did good enough trailers (And maybe title the first one "Red" or something that doesn't automatically associate with pokémon).

Back to reality though, has the PokéSpe Anime Project still not made an episode? That's...slow.