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I completely understand the reasoning behind why they included trade-only evolutions in the first place, because it either A) promoted interacting with others to complete the game (whether that be friends, siblings, etc.), or B) require you to buy both versions in order to complete your Pokedex.

So with that being said, I've both loved and hated the idea of this. The reason that I hated it was I never managed to find anyone with a trade cable or get one myself until a lot of people I knew had stopped playing, and when I finally did have someone to trade with, he had the same versions that I did (Gold and FireRed). Now that we've got features like the GTS and Wi-Fi trading, though, it makes completing your Pokedex that much easier, plus it allows you to talk to new people along the way, that you may have never interacted with otherwise.

As for the Pokemon that I've used that evolve via trade, Steelix, Gengar, Alakazam and Scizor have all been main members of my teams at one point or another. Outside of Gengar, though, I haven't really used any of them all that much, although I would like to try my hand at using Slowking in the near future.
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