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Quote originally posted by True Epicness:
... Myeeh! Oops, I guess...
Well, what happened to Ray, anyhow?

I think I remember DI having laptop problems, hmm... But he managed to tell us about it? I guess it might have been from a school computer or something, I know a lot of people are off from school now.

I guess when DI does come back he'll see this. I would send a message, but I suffer from extreme laziness. Should we try to get a hold of Ray? Last I heard from him, he was saying he was back :p maybe something of his broke, too, and he couldn't get to tell us about it. Pretty annoying, though, that both the GM and co-GM are out of action at once.
I'm here, all right. Would you like to take care of an entire RP you didn't even make, because the GM is absent? I know I don't. Without DI, this RP's as good as dead. I have no leads as to where to go with the plot, nor I want to carry this out without him.
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