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Also, your arguments, Necrum, miss the most important things:

1. Pokecheck was made as a site for checking legality and sharing legit Pokemon. Hacks are minority. Pokecheck adds the ribbon to protect Pokemon from being redistributed on GTS, so it allows you to use it on your own, except official tourneys where judges know that ribbon indicates hacking. So basically, for your collection/dex filler/breeding parent or utility Pokemon (specific nature Synchronizer or specific gender and gender ratio Cute Charmer for RNG) those Pokemon are viable. Also, you can use them in WiFi battles, whether Random or via FC system because battle videos of those Pokemon aren't blocked when you're trying to upload them. It's just useless when you want to trade it and/or want to use it at official events.

2. The biggest thing that you're trying to skip is that Pokecheck does not provide any hacking tools on the site or for download.

3. I don't know the policy on not removing hacks from Pokecheck, but the user is fully acknowledged, because legality analysis of any public Pokemon is showed within its details. Also, before Genesect, Meloetta and Keldeo were released when you were trying to get a clone of obviously hacked copies of them, the site warned you that you'll get temporarily banned from Dream World for having those Pokemon's Dex entries.

Everything has its flaws and dark sides, but that's when your brain comes in to use given tools wisely.

I re-read my post (#11) I made more than one year ago about Pokecheck and I must say nothing changed, really, lol.

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