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This thread is about the Gym Leaders of Unova. Which one is the best? Some carry admirable traits, others carry nice Pokemon which makes

them seem cool. You can include their towns which adds to their attractive taste and personality. Here is my opinions of them:

Cilan, Chili and Cress. Hmm... they certainly don't carry good looks! My main reason for liking them is that they own an incredibly stylish

restaurant in a peaceful, beautiful town. But they are fun!

Lenora. How could anyone dismiss this hardy, mother-like archaeologist? She even owns a museum with a Gym inside it! I love her town, too. It's

artistic, comfy and carries a personality which screams 'perfection'! Another reason for liking her.

Burgh. Well... hmm... I sure as hell wouldn't want to be caught in his Gym! I mean, running through thick layers of honey then being harassed by

clowns??! No thank you! His city is okay, but the fact that you can never get Castelia Cone ticks me off. His traits, well... there isn't much to


Elesa. Here is one fine girl! She is a role model AND a fashion model! Plus she has got a cute collection of Elmoga's. My main reason for liking her

is her faith in people, her knowledge of what really matters! Her city? You can level up like hell in the Small Court, compete in the Battle Subway

and even dress up your cute as Pokemon!

Clay. He seems okay to me! I like his 'Speak your mind and live honestly' theme. Driftveil City, it is okay, but there isn't much to do except waste

all of your Poke on herbs and Moomoo milks. His Gym, uh... I've seen better... I like his secret lair though, where he just sits there... eating rock

candy... I mean, c'mon! He would have mined that crystal ages ago if it was actual crystal.

Skyla. WOOHOO! This girl is rockin' it old school! She owns an airport, goes wherever she pleases and helps Pokemon in distress from the skies!

Her Gym rocks too, it is super fun and everyone is easy, but in a fun way. She has this personality similar to my best friend, Sky. Being kind and

helpful, good hair, staying awesome through good and bad. YAY!

Brycen. Already?! Oh well... I like his town even though their is nothing to do, but it has this homey and fresh thing going on. His Gym? Wowza! I

like the idea of skating around and battling, while still maintaining elegance and awesomeness. His personality... hmm... well, he was an actor,

that counts for something, doesn't it? Mind you, he couldn't have been a good one if he had no choice but to go back to fighting trainers.

And finally, Dreydon. His city, always moving on, never changing... sometimes this is a good thing, other times, it flaming stinks! His Gym isn't

that fun either, it has no activities which make it noticeable and rememberable (is that right?) Mind you, he has got some cool things about him.

Like owning awesome dragon type? Hell yeah, old man!

That concludes my theory of the Gym Leaders of Unova. My favorite is Skyla, Elesa is second, Lenora is third. Skyla is at the top because she is

like me and my best friend, who ARE rocking it, by the way. Elesa because she is confident and cool, also like me. Lenora because she is awesome

and owns everything I want.

Vote now!

Rozu, OUT!