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I've just got some very quick offsets for Pokedex hacking.

I'm not sure whether it's already been posted, I don't think so, as I had to discover these on my own.

I've found 2 limiters for the Kantodex that are quite useful, which when combined with Jambo51's already posted offsets, can allow for the Kantodex to act as a national dex.

Even though Jambo already found the limiter for the Kantodex itself, it would still not display the correct seen/caught numbers as they were still limited to 150 as were the habitats.

By changing the number 96 at the offset: 104BF2
You can extend the limit to the seen/caught text. Eg. changing 96 to FA will allow for a max of 250 seen/caught Pokemon.

By changing the number 97 at the offset: 106828
You can extend the number of Pokemon that will be correctly featured in the habitat pages. Eg. changing 97 to FA will allow for the first 250 Pokemon in your pokedex to be displayed in the habitat pages before receiving the national dex.

This can be helpful as it stops people from having to give the national dex at the start of the game.

I'll just repost Jambo's limiters from his thread here

0x10352C - mov r1, #0x97
0x1035F6 - cmp r0, #0x96

Just change those 2 bytes at that offset to the number of Pokemon you want in.
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