Thread: 4th Generation: What's Your Team? (Remade again!)
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Let's see...

Prinplup lv. 32 (starter, soon to be an Empoleon)
Luxray lv. 35 (caught a Shinx early and never stopped using it)
Golem lv. 27 (that I don't use)
Torterra lv. 36 (from my Grotle traded from Pearl)
Murkrow lv. 36 (when will I get that Dusk Stone?)
Bronzong lv. 33 (because who doesn't like Bronzong?)

I'm at Iron Island right now, training for Byron's Gym.

Crobat lv. 50 (decided to catch one of those pesky Zubat)
Ampharos lv. 60 (for some reason I always use an Ampharos in any game that it's in)
Feraligatr lv. 52 (starter)
Houndoom lv. 52 (caught a Houndour right before the E4 and kept it)
Gligar lv. 24 (HM slave/hopefully a Gliscor someday)
Geodude lv. 15 (HM slave, nothing more)

Finished the Kanto saga besides defeating Red. Currently doing nothing, but I haven't caught any legendary Pokémon yet (besides Ho-Oh and Suicune), so I plan on doing that and sending them to my Black 2 version.
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