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Originally Posted by LFCAmmy View Post

Hello and welcome to my thread, My name is Armaan and this is my first hack. After playing some of the hack I thought of making it myself so I thought of a story and trying to make my own pokemon hack. M still noob of this so M searching for ppl to help me around this hack...every one is invited so if u want to help me out jst PM me

It is a story of a boy/girl (depending upon what we choose to be) going on a journey to find his/her father who left in a journey on catching Darkrai. Why? well there's a reason behind it....
Wen he was a kid he always wanted to be a pokemon trainer and one day in other dimension Dialga and Palkia had encountered each other and began to fight, while they were fighting they came to his town and there was a huge destruction and the town was almost destroyed then there came a Darkrai and he tried to stop them and he send them to different dimension. SO by watching this he decided to catch Darkrai and after the birth of his first child he went for catching Darkrai...
Now we play as dat child and go in search for our our father's bst buddy is a professor and he had left his 3 pokemon for we hav to choose 1 of it and those pokemon are Tepig, Snivy, and Oshawott.(

Screen Shot:

-I,II,III,IV and V gen pokemon mixed(Porbably gen VI too)
-All legendary from I-V gen available
-New tiles
-DNS system
-Gen V starter
-New story line
and many more

Box Art

LFCAmmy-Creator/Title screen maker/Story maker/Tiler/Spriter
Zoroyoyo41-Mapping/Bug fixing/Scripting

we still need few members so interested candidate can PM me
looking for- animator, tiler, mapper for scrpiter or any other section

most of the tools-Mew
the hero and the house in 1 of the screenshot is exactly same as in 1158's victory fire.................a gr8 hack hope 2 see a full of luck
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