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Originally Posted by Miss Anne Thrope View Post
I've seen Torkoal perform, I think it's a good Pokemon and I'm well aware of what it does to poor Haunter. I just don't want to use it because I generally know what it's going to do (Shell Smash, Rapid Spin, Lava Plume and Fire Blast, sometimes I see a Stealth Rock if another of their Pokemon doesn't already have it.) I assume others know too. I'd rather be a tad more unpredictable with less power than be completely predictable.

Definitely never even realized that Hydration would prevent it from sleeping. That's awesome! And I thought snore and sleep talk were the same thing. I really need to check these things.

I really, really don't want Wild Charge without some Pokemon knowing Wish (or is it Healing wish? Whichever one can heal the next Pokemon sent out) because it'll die fast.

I thought about Heal Bell or Synthesis for Leafeon instead of Baton Pass, but sided against it since you can't really go wrong boosting someone's attack stat like that.

The Banette will faint after using Trick Room, it'll only last 3-4 turns. I was primarily just using it for Marowak since it's pitifully slow, and since Marowak would probably still have a little work to do when Trick Room ended, I thought it would be best not to hinder it's speed more than need be. For NU, I don't think Luxray's speed is bad enough to need the Trick Room.. It's pretty average for NU.

Anyhow, thanks for the Dewgong advice, I'm either going to use Amomomola with the heal and Luxray with the dumb Wild Charge or the Dewgong you set up with Zangoose- I don't want to risk having a Flame Orb Luxray /and/ have it take a huge chunk of it's health all the time.

Oh and I don't want to replace Banette, I made this whole team for Banette. I know it's not the best choice.
That's why Torkoal can also run a support set.

It's just "Wish". Wish restores HP the next turn it's used, even if the user switches out; the HP restored is equal to half the user's max HP (Alomomola has a massive HP stat, making it ideal to restore the HP of teammates with lower HP).

"Healing Wish" KOs the user, but fully restores the HP and status of the next Pokémon sent out. You wouldn't want that on a Pokémon who relies on status to function.

IMO, the team should run like this: Banette, Marowak, Luxray, Alomomola, Skuntank, filler for next Trick Room user. All your Pokémon aren't very fast to begin with and they benefit from the Trick Room support Banette brings. You also need to have a more bulky Trick Room user should Banette's Trick Room end, since this team is slow and they'll end up being revenge killed more easily. Duosion or Musharna are good backup Trick Room users should Banette go down:
-Trick Room
-Hidden Power (Ground)
-Signal Beam
Nature: Quiet
EVs: 252 HP/252 SAtk/4 SDef
Item: Eviolite/Life Orb
Ability: Regenerator/Magic Guard

-Trick Room
-Signal Beam
Nature: Quiet
EVs: 252 HP/252 SAtk/4 SDef
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Synchronize