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Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
Then how can we train our team apart from battling the trainers in the route once?
You can use the Match Call feature on the PokeNav to have a rematch with those who have been registered.
Quote originally posted by silentCD:
Besides as a starter how can I get a Gible in this hack?
You can get one from the Golden Temple when you return the orb after beating the elite four.

h ttp://
Here's the team I had when I beat the elite four.
Arbok - Lv 64 - Bite, Strength, Iron Tail, Giga Drain
Victini - Lv 65 - Flamethrower, Swift, Psychic, Thunder
Luxray - Lv 64 - Volt Tackle, Bite, Crunch, Thunderbolt
Haxorus - Lv 64 - Dragon Claw, Slash, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower
Dugtrio - Lv 64 - Earthquake, Dig, Slash, Magnitude

I've just completed Champions Bridge with the same team (except Arbok) and the same moves. All at Lv 76.

Damn it was difficult being quite under-levelled :O
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