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Originally Posted by Call me Gamma View Post
I think Pokecheck, like any other outside influence on the game, will always represent a struggle for power between hackers and those trying to make sure they weren't victims of those hackers. Ultimately, it's a resource that allows people to create fakes and make them look legal. Working hard to breed perfect pokemon also flies out the window when you can just create the parents you need.

I guess I'm just a purist when it comes to all of this. The game was never meant to be played with the use of pokecheck, AR, or RNG. I think anything outside of the game cart itself is a detriment to the way the game is meant to be played.
Just wanted to point out something here. RNG = Random Number Generator and this is what generates the nature, IVs, ability, etc. of every Pokemon you'll ever encounter. RNG Abuse is manipulating the RNG to receive the exact Pokemon you want. RNG occurs within the game itself without any use of external devices.
Originally Posted by ~cleaskulty~ View Post
The legality checks as well as the ability to check EVs, IVs, and your SID without the use of Action Replay is great.

I don't agree with the constant download of .pkm files, however. Using Pokemon that have already been trained with perfect movesets, IV's, EV's, and natures really takes the fun and challenge out of Pokemon. But then again, people who do that aren't really affecting me personally, so it's none of my business. :P
Yes, being able to check for all that is very handy especially when you're into competitive battling. I also don't agree with the download of .pkm files because then you can download it and use another fake GTS server to get the Pokemon without the ribbon. Although, this is also handy when it's your own Pokemon and you have no other way of getting the Pokemon onto your game cause something happened to your save file :(
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