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Originally Posted by Thebeast21799 View Post
Fouth attempt at typing this, stupid tablet. Final update for Kanto, and this took forever. Lorelei was taken down by a combo of Slendy and Pixxy. Bruno was a joke for Pixxy, even his Onix were weak. Agatha was plain annoying! Confuse Rays everywhere, and Magma and Pixxy took her down. Lance is the definition of hell. Magma and Pixxy were the only two up when I defeated Lance. Gary was easier then expected. Pixxy swept most of his team, courtesy of Toxic. Blastoise ruined Pixxy's fun, but not before poisoning Blastoise himself. Magma finished Blastoise off, and he *****ed like always. Final team: Pixxy(MVP)-Ninetails Lvl.53: Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Dig, and Toxic: Magma-Magmar Lvl.51: Fire Blast, Psychic, Psywave, and Confuse Ray: Slendy-Charizard Lvl.51: Body Slam, Earthquake, Flamethrower, and Submission: FlameNFame-Flareon Lvl.50: Fire Spin, Bite, Rest, and Ember: Dash(LVP)-Rapidash Lvl.50: Fire Spin, Stomp, Flamethrower, and Double Team. I'll be busy for tommorow, so I'll try to update for Crystal when I can, and in the meanwhile I'll be deciding my Johto team. For sure I'll have Typhlosion, but any suggestions are welcome, and good luck to anyone attempting this challenge. See you later. :)
You can get a Magby from the Daycare couple. It even has a high chance to be shiny. :D

Really, fire is a very scarce type, in pretty much every game, so there's a good chance that until you reach Kanto, your team will pretty much be stuff from your last game.