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Quote originally posted by ReeDim:
Username: ReeDim

What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: Dark types Rule! They look amazing and are powerful in battle.

Your partners: Mightyena (Lieutenant) & Absol (Hariken)
Just so you know, Hariken means Hurricane in Japanese.

What Types rule: As said before, Dark Types rule!

Answer the current topic: I hope there are some good dark types revealed in the near future, and I'm hoping they announce some at E3. Yveltal being part dark is definitely plausible.
Welcome to the club!! Absol's one of my favorite dark types.

Quote originally posted by ProjectMisfit:
Username: ProjectMisfit

What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: I've noticed that alot of the dark type pokemon's art(Look) are generally really good. I also love the darkness, as I am nocturnal. :3

Your partner: Gengar.

What Types rule: Dark and water x3

Answer the current topic: Of course. Pokemon's perhaps Nintendo's big gun right now for E3. I think they will release information about everything, a bit.
Sorry Gengar isn't a Dark type, you'll have to pick something else. Look at the first post, there's a list of Dark types on it. Welcome anyway, I'll add you to the list when you choose a Dark type as a partner.

Quote originally posted by Mithel_Celestia:
I have suspected Yveltal to be Dark-type upon it's name reveal. It is said to be a combination of Yvel(old english terms for Evil) and Quetzal and that alone has given me the thought. It could be part Flying but Levitate could replace that evident in flygon. As for more Dark types to be revealed, I hope for a Mightyena or Absol evolutions, some of the iconic Dark types that Gen 3 had.
Yeah funny thing is I knew that's were Yveltal's name came from those two word, but I never really put the pieces together that it could be hinting it's part Dark. The whole "evil bird" thing makes sense if it's Dark/Flying. I'd love an Absol evolution. Made me think of a new topic.

What Dark type Pokemon do you think should have an evolution or another evolution?