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#6 Update for Monobug - Platinum

-done Water Routes
-defeated Rival
-done Iron Island Quest

: difficulty 0/5
*3 Close Combat.

-defeated Team Galactic at tha lakes
-done Snowy Routes

: difficulty 2/5
*Close Combat and Earthquake

-defeated Team Galactic and Cyrus
-defeated Cyrus and Giratina

: difficulty 0/5

-done Victory Road
-defeated Rival


Aaron: difficulty 0/5
*Bug Buzz on, Stone Edge on, Air Slash on the others

Bertha: difficulty 1/5
*easy enoughcaused me little problems butmanaged to beat him

Flint: difficutly 0/5
*Earthquake OHKO everyone

Lucian: difficulty 0/5
*Bug Buzz, Attack Order, Megahorn...

: difficulty 1/5
vs2 Bug Buzz 3-5
vsStone Edge flinched.. *_* ... Stone Edge 3-4
vsAttack Order, Mirror Coat missed.. Ice Beam, Attack Order, Rapid Claws Attack Order 3-3
vsheling, stone Edge, Earthquake flinched, Earthquek critical hit 3-2
vsToxic, Megahorn OHKO 3-1
vsDragon Rush, Destiny Bond... Flamthrower... 2-0

Final Team:
Bashful | Female | Guts | King's Rock
Stone Edge
Brick Break

Quiet | Female | Pressure | Rapid Claws
Heal Order
Attack Order
Dentiny Bond
Power Gem

Mild | Female | Speed Boost | Razor Claw
Bug Buzz
Air Slash
Shadow Ball

HoF Screenshot:

On going Challenges:
RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons