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No idea why I haven't posted in this thread yet, but here goes. I'm already post-game, and I don't really have a set goal, so a little breeding here, a little battling there, and everything else there is to do. Today was quite the eventful day

June 8th

I started the day guiding visitors in Join Avenue, and there was even even a special guest today: Nimbasa's shining beauty, Elesa! She wanted to visit a shop where a cute girl works - I wonder if she was scouting for her Gym, so I showed her the Raffle Shop, tended by our dazzling Lass Natsuki.

After stocking up on supplies at the Pokemon Center, we're ready to go. The team: (hover for names)

Our destination is Route 15. First stop: the old trailer near the western entrance, where I planned a trade meeting with Scientist Lillian. We are saying goodbye to Bob the Ditto, but in return we are welcoming our new teammate, Bucky the Rotom. Neither seem too sad to change trainers, so maybe Pokemon enjoy trading just as much as us?

Since we're already here, we decide to explore the area. We go past the Poke Transfer Lab, over the bridge, and into the tall grass on the lower part of the route. Our searches prove fruitful, as Sandslash, Sawk, Gligar and Pupitar go into our Poke Balls and then to the PC. It soon gets misty as we move deeper into Route 15, so we decide to leave via Flying. Loony is able to lift us up easily, and we're now drifting to a new destination.

With strong winds from the south-east, we drift across the region and finally land atop of Celestial Tower. Was Loony attracted to this place because of his Ghost typing, or was it something else this time? There's an eerie feeling to the place, even more so as the tower serves as the resting place of many Pokemon's souls. Time to investigate further. As we look around, I soon spot a small figure behind the bell, floating in the air, with two long... tails, where they? There are bright red sparks, like rubies, on each tail and on its head. Is that...?


The legendary Pokemon, Mesprit! It's been so long since we first met the lake trio at the Cave of Being, this time you won't get away, Mesprit! Go, Pixi! Mesprit is attacking with its psychic powers, but Pixi is able to escape scattering BrightPowder in the air, that sparkles brightly and blinds the opponent. Which is a tricky one as well, using Copycat to imitate Pixi's Minimize. With both Pokemon quick to evade, attacks rarely hit their target, and both are getting tired. Time to sleep then! Pixi's soothing lullaby fills the air, and soon the tiny legendary falls into a deep slumber. It's still resisting and waking up from time to time, but in the end, we manage to convince it! Mesprit, GET!
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