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Originally Posted by Boilurn View Post
I like Join Avenue, but the problem is that there are so few customers out there when you're offline, making the upgrading process take a long time.

Anyway, I'm currently at Rank 9. My most notable shop is the Flower Shop run by Ainikki, which is at Rank 7. I use it generally to buy damage-reducing berries. So far I have the Passho, Haban, Payapa and Chople berries, and can't wait to grab all the others.

I also can't wait to grab a Master Ball either!
As an aside, get some Dream Pals and go trade Berries via the Store Shelf. You can acquire all of the EV berries there as well, completely free, and then just plant and grow them (takes about four days, return daily to water in case your "pals" don't and you get maximum yield). You get five of one when you first use the DW, as well, which is what you can trade with.

And yeah, the standard Oran, Lum, Pecha, Sitrus, etc. are all there too. No Enigma Berries, however.

As for a layout above, I kicked Janus out a long time ago. That's now my Flower Shop run by a DW person. Joy.

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