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Some of your pokemons doesn't really needed 2 of the same type moves.
Empoleon: I don't use it much, so i can't say much about it except that he's more a sp.atk sweeper so having 1/2 of his moveset as physical atk isn't a great idea
Roserade: Lose the grasswhistle and magical leaf, he has high sp.atk too so get him moves like sludgebomb, leaf storm, or energy ball. Either toxic or poison spikes(personally I'll keep spikes) can be swap with a recovery move since toserade can be quite tank.
Garchomp: he's more of a physical sweeper, get him earthquake and dragon claw/outrage. Keep your flamethrower as type coverage. And finally sword dance for boost in attack.
Chimecho: if you're seriously going for that kind of moveset, just change the pokemon for slowbro or bronzong
Honchkrow:just change wing attack to something else
Toxitoad: get him earthquake, lose the revenge, he's not tank enough to take the hits. Prob change sludge bomb to sword dance, he's phy.atk based
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