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Originally Posted by Geras32 View Post
This is mostly what I was working off of. I saw it as saying that they could hit stuff with other stuff but can't actually hurt anything without their strife weapon. Odetta didn't know this at the time. Also it was 5 bullets, not magazines. Sorry if I said she spent 5 magazines in the post.
Yeah, like this. Not while they are this low leveled at least. Later on, you might acquire an additional strifekind.

In Homestuck, the characters never even try to use other weapons (except for fists and kicks once in a while) but I figured we can't have it be impossible for us to hold other weapons or items in this RP, so this will probably work well.

I like how ballkind was used! Hah. Maybe Penelope should train on angling the ball so that it bounces back to her ;D ohwait, or alchemizing it together with a boomerang!
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