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Quote originally posted by Ksiazek Bartlomiej:
But I do not need OVERWORLD sprite changing. But Add extra TRAINER SPRITES in battle scene.
Oh my god. Dude. Grow up. Repointing things is the same everywhere. If you know how to repoint one thing, you can repoint others.

And listen to Jambo. He took the time to answer your question very thouroughly. ASM is not as hard as it seems. Most ASM is extrememly simple. Believe it or not, I have only been hacking since mid-October. I started learning and really using ASM in Februrary. By March I wrote my OW editing tut and by April I had finished writing the ASM for the Battle BG tut. It isn't that hard, nor does it take that long to learn. In just takes dedication.

Quote originally posted by kearnseyboy6:
Why not just edit the used ones? If your hacking Ruby then change the 50 or so unused FR ones.
Lol, you have this backwards. FR has 50 unused ones from Ruby, not the other way around.:p

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