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Originally Posted by Ksiazek Bartlomiej View Post
But I do in my hack HOENN and JOHTO. I need 2 extra places for Sprites to make PRYCE and CLAIR.
Calm down bro! Try speaking English a bit better and where do you live?

Do you have NSE 2.X? So far, it's one of the best at these kinds of things.

Then use the Trainer Sprite Editor bundled with it.

If you want to use the ones that exist in-game but you won't be using every sprite, just edit the ones you won't be using.

If you want to keep the ones that Ruby uses, you will have to repoint the Table where all pointers to all Trainer Sprites is kept using a Hex Editor. And I'd also repoint the Table that has all pointers to the palettes that the sprites use. After repointing the table, insert your new sprite in a Free Space, take it's image and palette offset, make a reverse pointer, write it at the end of the repointed Table. And there you have it.

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