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I was never into the whole emotions stuff. My laughing is quite horrible, since it doesn't sound like laughing should sound (hard to describe). With love it's pretty much the same, I mean, I know that my family loves me and stuff, but I don't know how to feel...

Anyway, that doesn't change the fact, that not long ago (two years if I recall correctly) I fell in love with a girl. At this time it was my first time really feeling something (well, besides pain, of course). It turned out to be one sided and so brought me only pain (right after that she fell in love with somebody else). I somehow managed to at least restore some kind of friendship (if you can call it that way), but it took me a year to get over it.

Well, you can say it's the begin of an ongoing catastrophe, though, since that time I became a total outsider sealed up in a tiny village, with nobody to talk to. Even if I'm around people I feel lonely and I never feel like being part of them...I even developed some minor hatred against humankind ^^"

On the other side I had a lot of time researching stuff on the internet and even though it makes me even more of a stranger, at least it gives me a good time ^^

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