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Quote originally posted by SUPPAFREAKY:
hello im new to pokecommunity!
Hi there! Welcome aboard! Hope you are enjoying the community! :)

Quote originally posted by Guile_the_Poliwrath:
ok so...i just joined this site, and i am a little confused on some of these methods. im kind of a noob at this. ._. as my name suggests im Guile_the_Poliwrath, and yes, all my games almost have a poliwrath named guile. i still kinda need help figuring this out. any suggestions?
Welcome to you as well! Can you be a bit specific as to what you need help with? Like navigating the forum in general? Are you looking for something specific? As a newbie like you, I know it's very difficult for you to jump in a forum like this one, so I'm more than welcome to guide you if you like! :)
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