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yeah, that was an interesting episode. I wanted to write more but I kep getting distracted and stuff. Aerodactyl was pretty awesome, certainly had a lot of personality. Gary was interesting, because you see him as not a total jerk, which is completely what I am used too. In fact sometimes soon we need to watch an episode where he's just a total jerk. :P

Anyway, Anna asked me to get the post up for this week's episode, but I sort of forgot to last night so here we go! This week's episode is Fly Me To The Moon! I know absolutely nothing about this episode as I did not pick it, so this will be interesting. As usual, we are no longer talking about last week's episode, but if you do wish to discuss it further please do so in the... hmmm, I'm not sure if this belongs in AG or somewhere else, since it's Pokemon Chronicles, but we don't seem to have a Chronicles thread so for now I'd say AG & BF discussion. Also, if you are looking for someone to watch with, you can find us in #lilycove, where we have lots of fun talking about the episodes while we watch! I may also stream the episode this week. If you want me to keep you informed on that, just PM me or find me in #liliycove.


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