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Originally Posted by Abnegation View Post
Guess who's back back back.

Study of Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster) I spent most of the day doing. Just added a preliminary sketch, work in progress, and final digitally painted image (high res available if anyone wants it). Good to finally finish something. Keep half doing things lately. Done using pencil and paper for the sketch, and a Wacom drawing tablet and Photoshop for digitally painting & drawing.

Preliminary Sketch
WIP bust
Primary Reference
Ser Jaime Lannister of Casterly Rock.
OMG herpaderp

As a digital artist you probably did everything you could to make the colours seem frightening. Especially that constant red added in places, mostly on the left (right from here) side of his face. They seem a lot like lava than blood actually. Well the best part is the hair, you must've spent a lot of time colouring it up like that and making that beard. I want to see Ned Stark next!
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