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whee! yeah, sorry for not posting these past few days, i had a busy weekend AND an exam this morning that needed my full attention. i'll write up a new post tonight, kay?

i wouldn't mind Hazel being the first to arrive at the camp in Viridian, but seeing as how she's travelling on foot, she should in reality probably take the longest, lol. though, maybe i'll have a handsome NPC Lawrence merchant drag her through Saffron/to Celadon on his cart, cause else it'd take a long time, huh.

... also,
i'll be going on a holiday for July 16th-31st as well, but i might be able to post while i'm away, i'm not sure. i'll deal with that when the time comes though, maybe i'll have Hazel be bunnied or, i don't know, held captive.
-- i don't need promises.
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