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Game: Pokemon FireRed: The Hard Version
Gym Leader: Roxie

Planned Team:


Hopefully I'll see this challenge all the way though. I have not a single clue on how to play this hacked FireRed game, which is a good thing! I'll probably update at every major ingame event. Good Luck to future and current challengers!

Gym Leader Roxie



Lv 34 ♀
[Nature: Mild][Ability: Shed Skin]
[Dig, Crunch, Screech, Poison Tail]

Oil Spill/Grimer
Lv 33 ♂
[Nature: Sassy][Ability: Stench]
[Sludge, Harden, Poison Gas, Disable]

Lv33 ♂
[Nature: Bashful][Ability: Inner Focus]
[Leech Life, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Bite]

Toxic Fume/Weezing
Lv35 ♂
[Nature: Hasty][Ability: Levitate]
[Tackle, Poison Gas, Sludge, SelfDestruct]

Spark Plug/Electabuzz
Lv35 ♂
[Nature: Serious][Ability: Static]
ThunderPunch, Swift, Leer, Light Screen]

1: The beginning and the realization that I've arrived in hell.

My Team as of the beginning of Mt. Moon.

Spark Plug

Lv 28

Light Screen



Leech Life

I arrive at Pallet Town, head north as oak drags me off to claim my "Starter" I chose bulbasaur and named him Steve.

Rival Green Starts off with a LV6 Charmander and nearly dominates me, resorting me to use stragety by growling lots and relying on my only healing potion.

I head north out of Pallet and see a new face, it's May! She starts off with an lv6 Eevee and my Steve is lv6, thinnking it would be easy i become cocky and ignorant, though she defeats me twice before i realise i have to grind already and i Just left Pallet!

After grinding to lv7 she bests me yet again due to a stupid button mispress, though I learn Leech Seed which proves to be very useful til i obtain my first team member.

Reaching Viridian City as i am called to deliever a package to Oak, I head on back to Pallet, deliver the parcel and obtain my pokedex and 5 pokeballs.

I leave off in search of new pokemon!

Heading onto Route 22 to search to begin my team yields luck... I think. I encounter baby pokemon on this Route! One of them just happens to be Elekid. It's clear that I need this member on my team and that Steve will have to go into the PC. I catch Spark Plug the Elekid who seems to be very bashful and confident of his skills, yet always fails.

After stocking up on supplies I head on through Viridian Forrest. Having gained levels, Spark Plug learns Thunderpunch which makes things really easy to clear, except for those Nincadas... At the end of Viridian forrest I yet again lose to a trainer on the end due to the low amount of Power Points for Quick Attack and Thunderpunch (not like it's going to be any use for him anyways!) Having healed up and gone back to beat him, I leave Viridian Forrest behind and head north to Pewter City.

This is where things become frustrating and where I spend a good half hour grinding Spark Plug up...

I reach the gym, I know that he has tough Pokemon, but this isn't like the anime, i cant just supercharge my Spark Plug and rain hellfire upon brock and his gym. I do beat the first trainer easilly but the 2nd trainer has a Geodude which proves troublesome, which ends up with my defeat yet again... so I skip the trainer for now and try and face Brock!

Brock Leads off with a Phamphy, being ground type I fear for my Spark Plug, though his bashful and overconfident nature takes the better of him, turns out this Phamphy has Take Down! Jeez... lets skip all of this...

After a LONG grind fest against LV5 Pokemon, I reach brock once again, using brock himself as a level grinder becomes easier as I am able to take down his first two Pokemon. I reach Lv25 I unlock a lifesaver, Swift! Finally a good attack that will actually hit and deal damage!

Now I knew I was going to win.

Gym Leader Brock

Brock sends out his Phamphy which I destroy with a few swift attacks, he couldn't even damage me which was a bonus.

He then sends out a Kabuto which I destroy with a thunderpunch in a single hit. I can see the confidence on Spark Plugs face, though it now seems he's acting a bit more cautiously.

Brock sends out his iconic Onix, in past battles I learned that he has Mud-Slap which is a HUGE problem for me, though Elekid luckilly knows Light Screen, I immediatley set up a Light Screen, launch of at least 5 leers, during that time he only launches one Mud-Slap off, the rest of the time he was stuck in a Bind. After reducing his defence by 4 Stages, I let loose and kill that Onix for good with 4 Swifts.

Brocks final Pokemon is Omanyte... Yep, that confidence of Spark Plug had risen after he finally defeated that Onix, Thunderpunch to the face and we achieve our first goal.

The boulderbadge!

I also recieve the Rock Tomb TM.

It's time to boldly move on to the next City, Cerulean.

Heading off to Route 3, Spark Plug destroys trainers as we head towards Mt. Moon.

Heading towards the Pokemon Center, May appears to challenge us to a battle!

May sends out a clamperal as Spark Plug just... Thunderpunches it...

May sends out her Eevee, and sweet revenge as Spark Plug destroys Eevee with a Thunderpunch!

I laugh as May is defeated and she walks off shamefully.
I heal my team and enter Mt. Moon and capture my first Poison Type, Supersonic the Zubat. He seems really frail and will need some training up before I go on any further.

Update 2: Poolside Party!
A training session and VSing trainers at Mt Moon sees Spark Plug evolving into Electabuzz and a new party member is added to the team whom is Toxic Fume the Koffing, who is now underleveled, training session resumes!

Travelling through Mt Moon I encounter a group of criminals who call themselves Team Rocket, what they were doing in Mt Moon is unknown but they are a bunch of weaklings that I demolished without too much trouble. My path was blocked by two fossils and a maniac. Defeating him we agreed to take one fossil each. I obtain the Dome fossil and move onto Cerulean City.
Realising that some of my team may need to train some more I head north towards the nugget bridge as my rival Green appears and challenges me to a battle!

Rival Green

Toxic Fume is still too weak to really stand up to any attacks and is KO'd, though Supersonic easilly defeats the Bagon with no issues.

A dumb move choice sees Supersonic use leer for no real reason, thus meaning Spoink unleashes a Psybeam upon Supersonic and KO's him.

A dumb move on Green's part, Spark Plug absolutley dominates Taillow with Thunderpunch.

Thunderpunched to death... by Spark Plug.

Rival Green Defeated once again! He gives me some stupid Fame Checker, believing that I will actually use the thing to see how "popular” he is, though he walks off, I heal my team and then head back on up to demolish the Nugget Bridge.

Reaching the end of the Nugget Bridge, I face a Team Rocket Grunt who is recruiting members for their Criminal organisation, I boldly turn down with no reason to have ever wanting to join Team Rocket. In a fit of rage he forces me into battle and I easilly overpower him.
I then head onto the next route which is a great place for some trainer battles and training, preparing for the next gym. I clear off the route and reach the Cerulean Point, where I see a couple standing infront of a lake on a bridge, that is infront of a house.

I enter the house and see a Clefairy! I walk up to it to hug it but it talks! Turns out some guy named Bill decided to merge himself with a Pokemon for some reason and couldn’t change back! How long he was like this who knows... After helping him change back with some fancy machine, he offers me to see his Pokemon collection, I turn down since I was hoping to hug a clefairy... -sadface- In return he offers a S.S Ticket, for some party on a boat in Vermilion City.

I return back to the city and heal my team as I face Misty! I could have easilly destroyed her but I wanted more of a challenge so I left Spark Plug as backup.

Gym Leader Misty

Her first pokemon Seel defeats Toxic Fumes, seems she really can’t stand up to much attacks, even though she can deal some amounts of damage, thus I take a gutsy move and send out Supersonic who Wing Attacks the Seel to the bottom of the pool.

Wingull was next, who turns out to be a really easy opponent to beat, Supersonic takes an Icy Wind like a beast and KO’s the Wingull with two Wing Attacks easilly.

A string of bad luck, and a psychic typing weakness saw me resort to using Spark Plug, thoguh Spark Plug seemed to have issues... He got confused and snaps out in just time to thunderpunch the starmie in the face.

Luvdisc defeats my very weakened Spark Plug, who I switch into Supersonic, and within a few moves Luvisk was defeated, thus claiming victory at the gym.

Cascade Badge Obtained!
TM Water Pulse Recieved from Misty

Route 5
I checked my pokedex and found out that seviper can be caught on this route! my 4th team member was caught! I nicknamed her Slytherin because let's be honest, Seviper is just bad-ass looking! I Then procceed To do some training. Heading to Route 6 allowed me to catch Oil Spill, the Grimer, then I continue to train by defeating trainers.

Vermilion City
Reaching the city, I heal up my team, and obtain the VS Seeker from some trainer standing next to me and the Old Rod from the house next door. I then decide to teach Slytherin Dig because it’s bad-ass to see a serpant dig then destroy everything!

S.S Anne, the doomed party boat.
I decide to check out the ship, which just is a ship full of weak trainers, who I easilly defeat.. the entire ship, though a problem I realised was that the gym was blocked by a tree. I heard a rumor that the Captian has a special HM that can cut down trees, so I decide to head off then who out of all people do I encounter, Green. Like always he challenges me to a battle.

Rival Green

Slytherin dominates the sound easilly by simply KOing the Bagon with a few Poison Tails.

Slytherin trying to intimidate the Spoink, uses screech thus giving Spoink the oppotunity to use Psybeam to KO her. Supersonic is sent out to use Bite against the opposing Spoink who is then defeated.

Taillow is then easilly defeated by two Wing Attacks from Supersonic.

Charmeleon is easilly dominated by Supersonic and thus Green is defeated once again.

Green walks off in a fit of rage after being defeated so easilly once again. I then go to the captains quaters which is unguarded, as I be a good citizen and help the captian get over his seasickness... wow... Still for my troubles he gives me HM01 which I can’t teach to anyone.

I disembark the ship as I watch it sail off on it’s final journey, returning to the Pokemon center and withdrawing Steve the Bulbasaur as a Cut HM Slave until a better time til I can find a Better slave.

I attempt the gym quite a few times, not being able to pull it off due to the strength of my opponent and my team lacks some training, I needed to go off and train my team up to be at least on par with Lt Surge’s team... this is going to be tough.

During the grindfest supersonic evolves into the epic Crobat, also Toxic fume evolves into Weezing!
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