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Yep! I've been working on a new update. I'm hoping to have it ready in July, but we'll just see how it goes.

Off the top of my head, and in the order I thought of them, some changes will include:
- Several bug fixes from the last one (wrong text, Leaf Stone and Ice Shard saying "NOT ABLE" on Eevee[thanks to Miksy for the Eevee part], etc)
- Ability to play as a boy or a girl, chosen in the intro (Thanks to RED)
- Some new areas/restored areas (Viridian Forest, South Isle North, Ecruteak Shrine, etc)
- Most of the events that were the same as Gold have been updated/changed/replaced (Rival in Cherrygrove, Mr. Pokemon's house, Mahogany Rocket Base, Lighthouse, etc are either already changed or will be by release)
- Restored a missing Rival Battle, and moved some of them around.
- Added a few new things to the Mt.Moon/Pewter City area
- Restored Blaine's Gym to have the quizzes and other trainers (and 2 carpet tiles instead of 1)
- Added more trainers to Giovanni's gym
- Added Battle Machines to the Battle Tower (they give coins if you win)
- Added new additional prize exchange people outside the Battle Tower
- Added a few Incense Burners on routes that lure Wild Pokemon not otherwise found in that area
- Changed the way you get Rainbow Wing
- Fixed Cue Balls to not have Firebreather teams
- Updated a few trainer sprites
- Increased the level of several Kanto gyms (since it is post-E4 after all)
- Added a little more story to JACK, the Ace Trainer you fight in the Secret Base (the one based on the player from Spirits and Legends, even though that hack is still in planning stages)
- Made it so the Trainer House in Viridian has a different trainer based on the day of the week
- Changed up some of the trainer names, rosters, positions on routes and things. (Haven't done all of them, but for example there is now a Lass on Route 30)
- New Pokemon (Zigzagoon, Linoone, etc)
- Something secret involving the new Pokemon that you will find out when you play.
- A way to get the other Johto Starters
- A way to get the other fossil Pokemon you didn't get from the Water Dojo
- Trade Evolution Pokemon will now evolve via another method (level up/stone) but will also evolve by trade if you want to do it that way too. (details on alternate evolution methods will be announced with the release).
- More that I didn't think of right now, but will go into more when I release the update.

Note that while a lot of the things in this list are finished, there are still some that I'm still working on too.

Also, here are some possible things I might add, but that aren't guaranteed yet:

- Route 47 and 48 from HG/SS (Will be in Spirits and Legends regardless of if it makes it into Christmas or not)
- Johto Safari Zone (Will be in Spirits and Legends regardless of if it makes it into Christmas or not)

A lot of that was copied from a post on Skeetendo, but I don't think I have posted it here already so I wanted to go ahead and get it out here haha.

EDIT: And here are a few new screenshots.

Blaine's Gym, now with added Quizzicals.

I also moved the gym back to Cinnabar where it belongs.

I also cleared some of the rubble off as well.

We had Omanyte and Kabuto in the last version, but we can't leave this guy out.

In addition to bringing back Viridian Forest, it now has its own unique Route Gate designs.
Loosely based on their design from Red and Blue, but a little different.

If you make it up that funny, neat little slope you can talk to that guy. About stuff and such.

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