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#2 Update for Monofire - Crystal

-Picked the Male
-defeated Rival
-evolved intoin Sprout Tower
-done Sprout Tower

: difficulty 0/5
*2 Ember defeated him

-done Union Cave

: difficulty 0/5
*3 Ember defeated him

-defeated Rival
-hatched a Femaleat the second try
-grinding in the wood

: difficulty 2/5
*Dizzy Punch confusedand it hit herself before the final Rollout xD

-defeated Kimono Girls and got Surf
-defeated Rival

: difficulty 1/5
*I hate thatwith Hypnosis.. luckily it missed 2 times so I defeated him easily

-evolved intoon Route 43
-defeatedat Lake of Rage
-defeated Team Rocket in the Hideout
-evolved intoinside the Lighthouse
-done the Lighthouse

: difficulty 0/5
*Fire Punch and Thunder Punch

: diffciulty 0/5
*3 Fire Punches

: diffciulty 0/5
*Fire Punch and Thunder Punch xD

-defeated Team Rocket in Radio Tower and in the basement
-defeated Rival
-done Icy Path

: difficulty 3/5
*set Sunny Day so Surf is less powerful and Dizzy Punched everything with

-got the Badge
-done Victory Road
-defeated Rival


Will: difficulty 0/5
*Thunder Punch and Flamethrower

Koga: difficulty 0/5

Bruno: diffciulty 0/5
*easy as always xD

Karen: diffiuclty 0/5
*so was she...really easy

: difficulty 0/5
vsThunder Punch 2-5
vsRock Slide, Thunder Punch, Rock Slide 1-5
vsThunder Punch 1-4
vsRevived Magmar, Thunder Wave, changed to Magmar 2-4
vsDizzy Punch hit himself Dizzy Punch 2-3
vsDizzy Punch, Thunder Wave, Dizzy Punch, Blizzard, Dizzy Punch 2-2
vsThudner Punch 2-1
vs3 Thunder Punch 2 Outrage 2-0

Team before Post-Game
Fire Punch
Quick Attack
Thunder Punch
Dizzy Punch
Thunder Punch
Sunny Day
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