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Before we get to my recent exploits in Sinnoh, allow me for a split-second to cut to Johto, where I spent three or four hours breeding for an Adamant Murkrow with Super Luck. I really should've never learned about natures. Anyway, I traded my Murkrow over to Platinum, (rule #10) and we now have a team of two!

Checking back on my honey trees was a major let-down, and I'm starting to re-consider my decision to use another Bug/Flying for this part of the challenge, as well. Meanwhile, Murkrow is proving a real brat. Strong, sure, but he's a prick. He keeps on ignoring orders takes naps in the middle of battle. It'll get better, though, he just needs to adapt a bit! Anywho, I arrived at Eterna City and - not surprisingly - sweeped Gardenia's team with overwhelming ease.

Here's my team so far:


Staravia, lv. 26
Female // Jolly // Intimidate
- Wing Attack
- Growl
- Return
- Double Team

Murkrow, lv. 25 @ Soothe Bell
Male // Adamant // Super Luck
- Peck
- Astonish
- Wing Attack
- Assurance
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