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Minerva Sirmais - Atlantean Royal Mansion/ Paris France

Minerva stared intently at the blob of metal floating in front of her at about eye level, influencing it in different ways. Cube, sphere, ring, pyramid, back to cube again. Over the past week, she had developed her ability quite a bit, and while she wasn't great at it, she was able to use it. So that was a good thing. She also found that she could levitate metal, although that did take slightly more energy. The small blob in front of her wasn't that big, but still she could feel a slight drain from holding it in the air. She allowed the metal to descend and pool in her hand, morphing the substance into a thin glove, coating her hand, then solidified it.

Her attention was pulled away from her practice to a couple of other guys who were hanging out in the mansion's lounge. There were plenty of cool places in the enormous house to spend time, but the lounge was by far her favorite. The two guys were playing ping pong, although it was far from a fair game. She sort of knew both of them. The guy that was winning was George, and happened to be quite good at the game. It seemed like the Ukrainian boy was holding back a bit though, even though he had a healthy lead. The other guy was Austin. He was nice, although she was amazed that he had accepted the game, seeing as how losing seemed to be one of the things he hated most, she had learned.

The mansion held tons of people, and it seemed like she was meeting new people all the time, although it could have just been that she was forgetting everyone she met, which was a slight problem with her. Even so, new people were showing up at the mansion almost every day. She still had to get close to a lot of people, but relationships came with time, she knew.

Her thoughts were distracted once again when an older student rushed into the lounge, and called for Austin and Minerva to come with him. Whatever he wanted, it seemed urgent, and Minerva did not hesitate to follow him, morphing the metal into a small dense sphere and slipping it into her pocket as she went. The older boy, Minerva, and Austin rushed through the halls of the building, picking up a couple other people, Charlie and Kim, on the way. They burst through the door onto the rooftop, and found themselves right next to a helipad. This place had a helipad? What didn't it have!

River and Justin stood by the helicopter, and addressed the group.
“I’m sorry your first mission will be like this, but this is important. You have all been seen by The Oracle as a part of the event that will take place soon if it hasn't already started. You've all been here a week, and have definitely got a better hold on your abilities, so now it’s time to put that into practice."

Great, Minerva thought. A field day, just what I wanted.

"Austin, Minerva and Kim, you will all work under River as the offensive team, you will be the ones to face the threat front on. Charlotte, Kieran and I will be the supplementary team, helping those who we can to safety. Another of our teams which has already been dispatched to France will meet us there.” He quickly briefed the group on the situation, about how a group of Atlanteans were, or were going to very soon, cause meteors to fall upon Paris. After the quick briefing, they all climbed into the helicopter, strapping themselves in as best they could.

Only hours later, they were flying into Paris, the once beautiful city now in chaos and destruction as rocks from the heavens rained down, lighting everything on fire and littering the streets with rubble and debris. Trees and buildings were on fire, people were like ants running away from where the chaos seemed to emanate from, the Eiffel Tower. After a quite bumpy ride, ducking, dodging, and weaving to avoid falling rocks, the helicopter landed in a somehow untouched area, which was relatively clear from rubble. Powering down the helicopter, River, Justin, and everyone else climbed out of the helicopter.

There wasn't much time to recover before River called out, “Team, with me!” Minerva, Austin, and Kim raced after River, weaving their way at an almost breakneck pace through the ruined streets, weaving through and jumping over piles of debris left behind by the meteors, racing towards the Tower in the distance. With a huge unexpected blast, a meteor landed right behind Minerva, throwing her forward a few feet, impacting heavily on the ground. Getting up, groaning, she looked around, seeing the rest of her group keep running in the distance. Noticing that Austin wasn't with them, she looked back, just barely seeing his figure disappear down a side street through the smoke and haze. "D*****t Austin", she spoke to nobody in particular, and raced around the crater, following the boy.

She had thought that she almost lost him when she came to the Eiffel Tower, seeing her friend racing towards the singer of a small band playing in the midst of the chaos. Why on earth was a band here? Then she saw Austin get blasted backwards by the lead singer's voice, and she decided that they must have been in on what was going on. So Austin was fighting some kind of sonic powered Atlantean, and some other person was fighting some sort of concrete golem.

Other than that, the only other band member was a female guitar player, still strumming out chords for some reason. Nervous, but running purely on adrenaline, Minerva leaned against a trashed car on the side of the road, using the metal from the car to form two spike gauntlets on her arms, then charged forward towards the drummer. The girl spotted her, then just smiled and laughed. "Ah good, finally, someone to play with! Lets rock!" She held her ground, the strummed a few power chords as Minerva got closer. Shortly afterward, Minerva was hit in the gut with three strong impacts, knocking her back a few steps and making her grimace in pain. How was she supposed to defeat this girl if she couldn't get close?

The guitarist taunted her, "What? Thinking of backing out already? I'm just getting warmed up!"

Minerva would not give up. She didn't like giving up. And definitely not to some rock and roll punk like the one in front of her. Noticing a bronze placard a few steps to her right. She grabbed it, and formed the metal into three large spikes, launching them towards the girl using her powers, noticing the drain on her energy as she threw them. She needed to watch that. Too much energy lost and it would be over. The girls strummed a few more notes and the metal spikes were deflected to pass around her, burrowing themselves in the ground around her. So obviously that wouldn't work.

After trying to charge a few more times, with poor results, Minerva found herself next to one of the support struts of the tower. Hopefully nobody will miss a little bit of metal from this..., she thought as she pulled some metal out of the structure, forming the metal, plus the metal from her gauntlets, into a sword and shield. Charging at her opponent once again, she hid behind her shield as the impacts struck. It was still bad, and it jarred her arm, but it was better than it had been before. When she eventually reached her, she tried to trade blows, swinging her makeshift sword whenever she saw an opening, usually to only be buffeted by another attack. Finally, desperately, she bashed the guitarist with her shield, knocking her back, then swung at her guitar. She was rewarded with a couple sharp pinging noises and the strings snapped. She could not, unfortunately, break all of them, and the girl recovered quickly. Playing seemingly random notes, then slamming the whammy bar, threw Minerva back, landing surprised and bruised for not the first time on the burnt grass. Getting up, she saw the girl inspecting her guitar, then glaring at her as if she planned murder, which she probably did.

Minerva only smiled at her small success. Then pulled some more metal from a nearby car towards her, forming a complete shell of armor around her. "How's this for heavy metal?" she yelled at the girl, charging back into battle.

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