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I'm working on my first real competitive team for doubles matches and need some serious help. I've never played competitively and though I have a grasp of EVs and natures, I can't seem to find synergy in the team I've put together. Ill accept any suggestions you might have with a completely open mind. I'm not expecting perfection, just better cohesion.

Here is what I have. I'm holding off on EV training and such until I can get it right. I've tried the set on pokemon showdown with my Krookodile and Tornadus-T in tow but I can't seem to find the right balance and I have no way to stop weather teams as of yet.

Thunderus-T (planning on building him for special Atk and Spd.)
Landorus-T (I'm thinking about going the bulky route with landorus)
Rotom-W (hydro pump and volt switch are my intended staples for the washing machine)
Heatran (bulk and special attack seem to be the best option here)

I'm not sure of the last two members especially since I just dropped Tornadus-T from the list. However, the tournament rules for the June international say we will only be using four of six pokes anyway.