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I don't see how people say Sony was weak in terms of games. The whole conference was two hours of rapid-fire game trailers, announcements, and demos. We had trailers leading into trailers, with hardly any pause in-between. Microsoft showed a lot of games, yeah, but I honestly think Sony showed more, and Sony definitely had more variety. Not only that, but for those concerned with graphics, PS4 games look a hell of a lot better than the Xbone footage we saw.

And Nintendo was seriously disappointing. Two HD 3DS rehashes (so much for a proper 3D Mario) and Retro's big new project is...another Donkey Kong Country. Wii U is going to have another weak holiday without a real system-seller (a ten-year-old game port and another practically-2D Mario are not system sellers) and I don't really see how Nintendo is going to turn things around, especially if they insist on staying at $349.
And just like that, the story ends.
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