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Originally Posted by SereneAmbience View Post
Okay so I guess it's time to share some information with the public to add some interest!

Error, I'm glad we think alike because this you made this easier to share.
-SPOT-ON! I plan to use Dig in this way of finding special locations, as well as finding underground secret bases, and event locations that I will release in time. Don't forget about the other "HM" moves that will have unique abilities, like Waterfall that will ACTUALLY create waterfalls for the player to climb up to reach certain areas!
-I have a various of this, kiosks in every mall that are discounted. BUT, I will definitely add this along the Dynamic base camp to add some flair!
-Hmm..... never thought about how to get Ice-type Pokémon... I guess I am gonna have to.
-I want to hear what you everyone thinks... Is a Safari Zone required? Or something variant like Great Marsh? I use the Safari-time base contest in a Fishing Competition in Flannel Village and in Sisal City's Carnival Extravaganza (where you run around through buildings, fun-houses, and mirror rooms: collecting items, battling Trainers, and winning points per step) which will be an extremely cool mini-game for Ambient!
I like the waterfall idea