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Originally Posted by Alexial357 View Post
I'm inclined to agree. Fairy's don't need to be cutesy, little, human-Celebi beings. I'm thinking we look towards the Fairy Egg Group (where pokemon like Breloom / Granbull / Frosslass sit) for inspiration as opposed to what convention tells us a Fairy should be.

Aw poo you're totally right. .___.; Sorry guys, I guess I dropped the ball more than I thought. Ya'll have any input on the Steel Eevee? I'm still thinking Sunny's simply because it came first, but if everyone would prefer to do an official vote I'll get all the designs together now.
If y'all want a good image for how far you can go for the "darker" end of a fairy, picture Satan. Picture the thing that embodies everything horrible, everything wrong in the world. Picture that creature, the cause of your paranoia, the reason you're afraid to go outside or turn the lights in your house off. If you think of that, you almost have the image of a true fairy in your head. ;3

Um, well, considering I'm completely biased because I drew one of the three designs, I'll leave that up to everyone else to decide. >.>;
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