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Quote originally posted by ShadowExcadrill:
Im getting BL2 for PS3 really soon with my bday closing in (8 days from now) and im way too excited to play it.

I might get confused with classes (idk if there is a class with ammo regen... i love ammo regen since that saves up money) and weapons at first, but it'll be a game i can play for hours long like BL1.

I also found (also with credit to Iloveeevee for raiding the armory and killing Crawmerax together which was a while ago tbh) a pearlescent weapon: ZX100 U Hunter's Jackal. Its a decent weapon (not quite what you would expect from a very rare gun) and i kinda like it too. Still like the Volcano more

That pearlescent took forever to find D: Still haven't found another one since, even though I've raided the armory more and killed Crawmerax some. I do have tons of legendaries and the game keeps giving me more. So many legendaries I expect one in every chest and from every badass now lol (which most of the time I do get a legendary from)

I ended up buying BL2 a few weeks ago although I haven't played it much since I've been busy with PC related stuff and I got distracted by Assassin's Creed 2 lol Planning to play it soon since new DLC is being released. The DLC with Tiny Tina looks really awesome and I can't wait to play it :D Then also Krieg looks like loads of fun. The intro vid I saw of it made me want to buy it asap even though I haven't completed my current playthrough with Maya yet D:

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