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... *takes bait*

[Another one of Pat's text walls approaching. Grab some popcorn or skip it or something]

I... think I still like Kirby? Like, I eagerly await each new game like a dog sits at the front door awaiting master when he knows master's coming through the door. The only reason I even pay attention to E3 is to see if there's a new Kirby game coming out, and that's it. I'm gonna make a terrible addition to the gaming industry.

He's still one of my favorite characters, but I can't help but feel drained and less enthused when I think about how much he's kind of... drifted.

Anyway, I used to be the biggest fanboy on the block, I knew EVERYTHING, way back before wikis when you had to get information from buying/importing Japanese guidebooks or hoping to come across a big deal type Japanese site. I believe I used to be staff for a short while at Kirby's Rainbow Resort, and I'd be like one of the few non-official gurus (I was more like a living encyclopedia). Problem was, it took a while for people to listen to me, everyone was used to terrible, terrible fan names for characters like Skainter, Jumping Dan and *groan* Climber Guy. Can't get any more unoriginal than that.

It's actually Paint Roller, Starman, and Bounder, btw.

I submitted music to that site, too, and did lots of art there, so it was a cool place. Kind of a weird split when the anime first came out...

Ugh, the anime. That's where it started. Fairly innocuous when it first came out. Heck, I watched it and was fairly neutral about it, unlike the typical polarization it had. Of course, I didn't think it'd have a long term effect of changing the way the rest of the series plays out. I have to say, it bothers me. Especially the treatment of Kirby. It's like he got a case of Homer Simpson syndrome and got dumber each game after the anime's debut. To me, it's sort of a big deal because I was a fan from the beginning, so it's like taking an at that point long established character and then just all of a sudden changing everything about him, but doing it subtly in a way that casual fans won't even notice. I don't like that. I wouldn't like it if they all of a sudden made Charlie Brown a street thug ten years after his debut. An extreme example, but still...

It's a weird feeling, because unlike Sonic fans that complain about Modern/Classic Sonic, you won't really find anyone talking about, or who even remembers what Kirby used to be like. Only a few of the older members at KRR still seem to have any memory of that. I feel a bit out of place, I must say. :\

Having gotten that rant out the way...

Played every game ever released except a few of the Toy Box games and Return to Dream Land. Bought most of them when they were new. The only one I bought after the fact was Adventure for not having an NES, and Squeak Squad because I knew from day one I wasn't going to buy an afterthought at full price. I finally bought it late last year, and yeah, it's not great just as I predicted. :\ Cheesing the last boss with five candies, though, is pretty funny, if only for the irony considering every other ultimate boss in the series had to be taken out by some sacred weapon. The ending, kind of ticked me off in the sense that it was a near copy-paste from Mirror's (which in itself was a copy-paste of Nightmare in Dream Land... man that GBA era was rough...), and just further flanderized Kirby as instinctively single minded like some kind of animal.

Alright, alright, I'll stop with the negativity. >_<

I will say, while I like basically all the games up to Air Ride (excluding NiDL), I loved Touch! Kirby (the paintbrush one, whatever it's localized as), Super Star Ultra (which I was skeptical about), Epic Yarn (need to finish), and Mass Attack. Still want to play Return to Dream Land because it looks like a step in the right direction for platformers after Squeak Squad. My favorite games will always be the side games, though. They have longer replayability due to the fact that platformers are generally unchanging and only require skill during your first play through. Star Stacker, Air Ride, Dream Course, Tilt n' Tumble... man, those can end up going anywhere. Like a good shmup, your skill is always tested. It's not just muscle memory at that point.

Plus, my sis and I love a rousing bout in Dream Course. Lovely music, 2 player hijinx, requires some skill and planning and funny characterization of Kirby and Keeby. :D That Course 6 and Course 8... those whales still give me goosebumps. I used to whomp my sister at this game all the time, but since it's like an annual tradition, now, we're pretty equal. It's way more fun when you never know who's game it'll be. If any game they need to update with online capabilities...

Star Stacker's BGM is my favorite soundtrack, still. My favorite characters from the series are Kirby, Kine, Coo and Rick, but I enjoy all the characters from Dream Land 1, 2 and Adventure. Favorite location is Castle Lololo, Rainbow Resort, Course 6 and 8, and the pyramid stages from DL3 and 64. I'm still awaiting the day they put Rick, Kine and Coo back into a game the proper way. I know Meta Knight's been big ever since the show, but just for a hot second, gimmie back the animals. O_O Kine + Spark. Spark Manbow. Me wantee now!

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