Thread: 4th Generation: What's Your Team? (Remade again!)
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I think I've already posted in a thread like this but oh well, what the hey? It's fun!

So here is my team from Pokemon Pearl (my only fourth gen game).

• Empoleon - (Lvl 68) - (Hydro pump, Surf, Brine, Waterfall).

• Luxray - (Lvl 70) - (Thunder, Discharge, Thunder Fang, Crunch).

• Staraptor - (Lvl 65) - (Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Fly, Close Combat).

• Rapidash - (Lvl 65) - (Flare Blitz, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Bounce.)

• Gastrodon - (Lvl 64) - (Dig, Mud bomb, Recover, Mud shot).

I actually took out my DSi to make sure I was 100% correct. xD I pretty much pawned every Pokemon and trainer I went by with that team!
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