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From the LA Times:
Despite opposition from human rights activists, Russia’s lower house of parliament Tuesday overwhelmingly approved a bill that would ban providing children with information on homosexuality.

The lower house, or State Duma, voted 436-0 with one abstention to pass the bill introduced by the pro-Kremlin United Russia political party banning “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.” The measure still needs to go through the Federation Council, or senate, and be signed by President Vladimir Putin, but is considered almost certain to become law, possibly by the end of June.

Before the vote, several hundred anti-gay and religious activists clashed with the dozens of gay activists and their supporters outside the State Duma, across from Red Square in Moscow, punching or shoving some gay activists and those that came to rally for them, and drenching others in urine. Twenty people were arrested.
This...this is utterly atrocious. The fact that this was a unanimous vote as well doesn't make me feel good at all.

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