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Originally Posted by Sabrewulf238 View Post
I still think it's weird though.

Even if he got one of the names wrong out of the four....he still got three correct. Does that count for absolutely nothing?

I just don't think he should be completely discounted if he has more to say at some point in the future.

Not to mention do we have confirmation that they're all proper rivals?
He only gets credit for two names. Everyone got gogoat so no credot can be given. Many sites wrote the japanese name as gogoat before his reveal surfaced. He still slso put 100% behind his name for pamcham. Meaning it was that name for that reason. If he had absolute confidence it was as he said then he would have been right. Two lucky guesses with the names out of four. 50% is failing grade.

He's still has had about half his stuff confirmed true and confirmed false. He should not have had a confirmed false at all. The favt he's getting only half his info right means he's lucky. Someone also posted that he claimed his stuff false like mr. Xy did. They said there was a discussion on 4chan and wpm apologized for posting rumors and stopped posting them because they kept admirting they were fake.
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