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Quote orignally posted by Alexial357:
Heeeyyy Nakuzbei. n_n;

What d-ya thnk of dis pixel art of yo Cirreon?

I taok some shawt, creative liberties like removng tha fluff around tha paws. It just seemed tao busy, what wit tha dawg fluff's location. I also added a second layer ta tha wngs, and lightened Cirreon up a tauch. Now it's like a snoopa light periwnkle. I still want ta honor tha orignal design though, so I hope I didn't change it tao much. ;o; Feel free ta make any changes / suggestions / comments you deem fit.

Also, I really like tha fox a lot. It looks so pretty and femnne witout crossng tha lne nta Vulpix or Fennekn. I'll happily draw tha dogg counterpart when I have tha time.
Ooohh I really like it anyway Wonder how tha Fairy types will look? Anyone gots any ideas? =P
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