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So, it came to my attention as I watched one movie, Pokemon 4ever, has a major flaw or I really don't remember the series.
It has been years since I have watched any pokemon. So I'm a little rusty.

In the first series of Pokemon ever, when it came to American tv, Oak said there was ONLY 150 pokemon. As of the second, third, fourth, and so on hundreds of pokemon came out, it became quickly apparent 150 was a lie. Within the first ten minutes of Pokemone 4ever, it shows Oak as a child living with the second generation and first generation pokemon.
-So why in the world would he have ever said only 150?
I had a couple theories;
one; he meant to say 150 native to Kanto. Considering the region he was in/grew up in technically was Johto.
two; this was a mess up by the writers
three; the writers never expected pokemon to continue past 150
four; Oak is a jacka$$.
five; combination of these
In the movie, Celebi takes young Oak back to his real time, so Oak continued to grow up in Johto with the 200+ pokemon.
I just have to ask; it bugs me
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