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June 12, 2013

“My Jigglypuff is a what?” I exclaimed as I was talking to Professor Juniper.

“A fairy-type,” replied the professor. “Or at least that’s what some new research is showing. I was talking to a professor in the Kalos Region. In that region, trainers choose from grass-type Chespin, fire-type Fennekin, or water-type Froakie…”

“Ok, ok, I get it, but let me focus on this region first,” I said. “I still have several dozen Pokémon to catch here, not to mention I want two more badges. I’ll try to speed things up.”

After a few more minutes I hung up with her. So much more to do in Unova. I really hope I can reach my goals!

That evening, when I was training my team on Reversal Mountain, we came upon a Strange House. It was an odd location for a random building to begin with, but the thing looked like it hadn’t been lived in for years. I saw something run past one of the windows; do some wild Pokémon live in there? I decided to go inside to check it out.

When I entered, it was as though I had walked into a haunted house. As I moved, I could swear I saw the furniture moving. I walked up the stairs, and suddenly a bunch of Golbat flew down from the ceiling! I ran down the steps into the basement. There were a lot of bookcases down here. I then felt something frisking me! I turned to see what it was. Something was moving in the shadows. Was it a Pokémon? I scanned it with my Pokédex to see.

“Banette, the Marionette Pokémon. Banette were dolls that became Pokémon over their grudges of being thrown away. They seek the children who disowned them.”

Of course, Banette. One of their abilities is Frisk, so that’s what I felt. I walked back upstairs, and was shocked to find that all the furniture in the place had been completely rearranged. Spooky. I did see more Pokémon... a Duosion with a small group of Solosis, some Raticate, and some Litwick too. I think there was a Gothita in the corner at one point as well. Then I saw a young girl just materialize out of nowhere! She muttered something about a dark dream, and she called out for her mom, dad, and Abra. Then she disappeared. Finally I made it back upstairs, where I found a Pokémon egg and a strange, green wing lying beside it!

“Return the Lunar Wing to the Pokémon it came from,” said the girl’s voice as I picked up the strange wing. “To the Pokémon on the bridge.” I grabbed the Pokémon egg as well, and then bolted out of the Strange House and back to the Pokémon Center in Lentimas Town.

I sent five Pokémon to Professor Juniper, and Grimer and I studied the egg. I wonder what Pokémon will hatch out of this one?
Hoenn Pokédex: Seen 208 Obtained 208
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