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Instead of adding that tutorial Oops provided to this page, I'm going to add it to A&D's Resource Thread. :)

Hex hmm.. Part of me thinks your design is best suited as our "Gigalith" rather than our "Hydreigon"... but the other half of me thinks, well, who set the standard for dragons anyway? Altaria shares nothing with dragons, and Charizard isn't one while still having a quintessential dragon design. I do think, though, that no matter where it ends up on our dex, it should have a secondary Rock typing. It just ~feels~ Rock.

Gimmepie! Welcome to our project! Please, please contribute at your own pace. While we're all very excited to see what you have to offer, we understand that art doesn't happen overnight. So take your time! I'm sure whatever your design is will be worth the wait.

Nakuzami, you should still keep going with that idea. Moreover if you're going to be honing your digital skills! Those designs sound really strong and should be a perfect conduit to your new-found digital talents. :] Good luck nevertheless. I'm sure GIMP will click with you.
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