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Full Name: Arthur Sullivan
Age: 27
Species: Arcanine
House: (There are four houses named after the four teams: Water Cloak, Natural Grace, Healer’s Veil and Iron Guard) Iron Guard

Appearance: Mostly that of a typical Arcanine however he is larger than most of his kind with a permanent scar along his chest which cuts through his mane from a harsh fight with a Houndoom. The shape of the scar is three jagged claw marks which cut him deep and which took some time to heal. He is also missing a fang on the lower left half of his jaw from a battle with a Hitmonlee.

History: Arthur grew up in the fiery lands of Flue. He was a spunky and curious Growlithe when he was young. He wanted to know about the world around him and did not care much for fighting. Ignorant of the war which had occurred long before his time he spent his days adventuring with those whom he called friends. His family, a small pack, dissolved as he grew older with the passing of his father who was very old and tired from his work with the Iron Guard. His mother set him free shortly after his evolution, telling him that he needed to find his own way in the world.

He lived alone for many years after that, never venturing outside of Flue as he became weary of the outside world as he grew in years. He met an ancient male of his species who lived as a hermit in a forest. The hermit trained Arthur for nearly seven years, teaching him to hone his speed and gracing him with new techniques to improve his fighting capabilities. Arthur realized that though he preferred to avoid violence, it was a part of the world in which he lived and he sought to become as strong as he could so that he could protect those who could not do so themselves and he looked up to the hermit, feeling great respect for the elderly dog. He began to see the value of good instruction and a proper education. He aspired to joined the Iron Guard like his father and teach young Pokemon how to prepare themselves for what would come.

After some time with the hermit he left, finally leaving Flue for the first time in his life to seek out the Iron Guard. After months of searching he found them, requesting to be taken on as an Instructor due to his training and he assumed he would be placed as a member but he was given an Instructor position after demonstrating his abilities and modest maturity. He finally felt as if his life had purpose and he resolved to do everything in his power to teach these Pokemon what he knew so that they would not have to be afraid of the darkness which was surely out there.

Level: 40-50 - 42
Move-set: 6 maximum - Extremespeed, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Thunder Fang, Bite, Reversal

RP Sample: Arthur stepped out onto the ridge, his massive fore-paw kicking pebbles over the edge, plopping into the river below. He closed his eyes and sniffed carefully, smiling at the fresh air and the gentle breeze grazing his fur. He spread his legs out and took a few steps back, lowering himself slightly and visualizing the large gap before him in his mind. His tail twitched slightly and with a burst of speed he dashed forward, sprinting gracefully across the ground and leaping across the gap, landing on the other side and smirking at the distance he'd jumped. He sat back on his haunches and glanced at the mid-afternoon sun in the distance. He turned and sped off into the trees, clearing fallen branches and logs and weaving between the trunks. Feeling at home in the woods he allowed himself to be lost in the running, moving almost without thinking. It was natural, instinct, and before he knew it, the forest around him became a blur. He was moving so fast he could hardly keep up with what he saw.

He slowed gradually as he came through the trees, into an open clearing. The tall, lush, emerald grass swaying in the breeze as he slowed even further and finally came to a stop in the center of the field, looking around he curled up in the grass and began to doze in the warm sunglight.

Code: Maestroke
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