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Chapter 3: A new Friend Hunted

A couple weeks passed. The seconds turned into minuets and the minuets turned to hours and hours to days. Life had resumed to normal, apart from Elizabeth. She did not spare Izaac on the questions part of all that had happened. In fact, It seemed as though she made it her day job to question him, sometimes during class. But the weeks passed, slowly but surely.

'Izaac, do you understand any of what this teacher is saying?'
'Yes, basically what he is saying is that white light splits up into seven colours when looked at through a triangular prism made of glass.'
'Oh I get it.'
'Okay so-'
The door to the classroom flew open and in walked in a boy, white hair covered his eyes, wearing black jeans and a black shirt with a wolf skull on it. On his ring finger was a pure silver ring with a wolf head on it with rubies for eyes.
'Ahh, everyone, this is-'
'I'm called Lupus.'
'The wolf....'
'What was that Izaac?'
'Nothing Elizabeth.'
'I told you to call me Liz.'
'Oh sorry... Liz.'
Izaac looked back to the boy standing at the front of the classroom, he was staring at Izaac. Izaac glared at Lupus and then looked at Elizabeth.
'He's the dire wolf.'
'What? How do you know?'
'Well firstly, Mythical creatures can tell who other mythical creatures are, and second his name is Lupus, ring any bells?'
'It is familiar, but no I can't think of anything.'
'It means The Wolf, in Latin... and he's been listening to everything we have been saying. '
Elizabeth looked at Izaac, worried and scared.
'Don't be, he won't go after you.'
'Hi there, Izaac... is it?'
'May I sit here?'
Izaac turned to Elizabeth, Ignoring Lupus as he took his seat.

Izaac and Elizabeth were in their normal spot, behind the art buildings, just talking. Elizabeth asking questions mostly and Izaac answering in frustration.
'You know Izaac, that Lupus guy was pretty cute.'
Izaac glared at Elizabeth.
'He did attack us a couple of weeks ago, remember?'
'Yeah, but....'
'Are you talking about me? Dragon boy'
Lupus walked around the corner, hands in pockets. Staring at Elizabeth.
'Look, we got off on the wrong foot.'
'Oh you mean when you attacked us?'
'Yeah, I sensed mythical creature and attacked, i did not know you were a dragon until after you kicked me in the face.'
'Well you did attack me.'
'Yes, but i wouldn't do it again... i do not take pleasure in getting kicked in the face..'
Lupus grabbed his jaw and rubbed it a little.
'So, are we friends?'
Lupus extended his hand towards Izaac to gesture a handshake. Izaac turned around and grunted.
'I don't take friends, sorry.'
Elizabeth kicked Izaac in the leg.
'Ow! You... ugh, fine.'
Izaac turned around and grabbed Lupus' hand.

'Izaac! Izaac!'
Lupus, banging on Izaac's door in haste began to scratch at the door leaving claw marks in it.
'Open up!'
'I'm coming, I'm coming.'
Izaac opened the door revealing Lupus frantically looking around.
Lupus ran inside Izaac's house, cowering like something was chasing him. Lupus looked at Izaac from across the other side of the room.
'Why are you shirtless?'
'It's four in the morning! I was asleep!'
'Oh right, well put a shirt on, wait no time, we have to go.'
'Why what is wrong?'
'The MCHS found me.'
'What!? So you came here?'
'Oh... I wasn't thinking.'
'Damn right you weren't. But the back door should be a good escape point.'
Lupus glanced out the window then towards the back door. Moving like lightning he quickly ran towards the backyard.
'Wait, don't be too hasty! That guy is seriously going to get himself killed.'
Izaac put on the white shirt that was strewn across the couch upon arriving home from school and ran towards the back door.

'So you say this hunter is after you?'
'There are two of them, one is a man of about 30 years of age, and the other is a girl, our age, she looks familiar but I can't think of who she is.
'She's a new hunter, but going after a dire wolf, she has some skill.
'Exactly what I thought. Just focus on running! We can figure out who they are later, just stay alive'
'What do we do?'
'I can take one of them you can have the other.'
Izaac and Lupus came to a stop.
'Fine, I'll wait here behind that tree. I'll let one pass and then take whichever one comes second. You go on ahead and wait for the first one. '
'Just don't die, that will be a tough one to explain at school, okay Lupus.'
Lupus began running again as Izaac slipped behind a tall pine tree.
Five minutes had gone by and no one had passed Izaac until a man wearing a trench coat and a baron hat passed by.
'I hope Lupus' ready.'
A couple seconds later the girl ran through, she was also wearing a trench coat, but wearing a crotchet hat. But instead of running past she stopped and looked around.
'I know there's someone here. So come out.'
Izaac smirked and walked out from behind the tree. Looking at the young hunter.
'You are good... Your hunter guide didn't pick up on me, how did you?'
'I have great potential.'
Looking right into Izaac's eyes, the hunter reached into her trench coat and pulled out a dagger.
'You are a dragon.'
'Was it my eyes? Did they give me away?'
The hunter moved at incredible speeds, reaching Izaac in a matter of seconds. Swinging at Izaac with her dagger. Izaac, moving backwards, ducking and dodging left and right to avoid her strikes.
Izaac grabbed her arm, stopping her from making another swing.
'Stop attacking and listen.'
'You deserve nothing but death.'
The girl grabbed Izaac's shoulder and flipped him into his back, pushing him against the ground with her knee, holding a knife to his neck.
'Last words?'
'Well I do have something to say.'
'What is it?'
'Why do you hunt us?'
'You are not supposed to exist.'
'We were created by your so called 'god' first; we have existed here long before humans and we try to live side by side with them.'
Speechless, the hunter thought about Izaac's words then pushed her knife against his neck.
'I see.'
Izaac smirked, and flipped the hunter onto her back, releasing her grip on the dagger. Picking up the dagger, Izaac stood over her.
'You brought this on yourself.'
Izaac swung the knife downwards. The hunter closed her eyes, ready to die.
'What are you doing?'
The hunter opened her eyes, a glint of light reflecting into her eye from the dagger stuck in the ground next to her head.
'You didn't kill me?'
'You're a sixteen year old girl, you don't deserve to die, it is a shame you joined the MCHS. Unfortunately, your friend had already devoted his life to hunting us... Lupus did not show any mercy to him.'
The hunter sat up to see a dire wolf standing across the field glaring at Izaac. Izaac shook his head and the wolf began running towards town.
'I have to go, you have great skill, more so than the guide you travelled with. If you try to attack again, bring someone with more skill than you.'
Izaac began to run towards town, after lupus. Leaving the hunter sitting in the field, doubting weather the side she was on was really the good side, or if she had been misled.
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