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Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
How about Knifish or Lancish?

I'm not overly sure what to do... My artistic ability is fairly limited but more than that there's already a lot here. What is this dex lacking?
This dex is missing a lot! Well, kinda.

We are lacking in Fire, Ground, Bug, Psychic, Steel and Dragon types, and Fairy but that's understandable.

That reminds me . . . I should try doing one of the generic bug types. That should be simple enough, no?

@Alexial - Hmm . . . maybe I can make it look a bit better if I do it straight from the computer. If only I had a tablet . . . lol. I've only ever used a tablet once, the other week in art, and that will likely be the only time I will use one . . . it was fun, though. I kind of just messed around with gradients and scribbled a bit.

That's also the only time I'll really ever have access to PhotoShop. :x


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