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Gender: Male
Full Name: Some people call me Maurice (You may include nicknames if you wish)
Age: 16
Species: Kadabra (No legendary or fully evolved Pokémon, remember that you are in training.)
House: Healer's Veil (There are four houses named after the four teams: Water Cloak, Natural Grace, Healer’s Veil and Iron Guard)
Appearance: my spoon is purple other than
History: I was born in times of chaos. I was lost as an abra in a mystery dungeon until i was found by members of healers veil. I trained and trained until i was ready to attempt at joining a rescue team guild.
Level: 30
Move-set: Psychic, Psychic cut, psyshock, hypnosis, dreameater, zen headbutt
RP Sample: don't really have anything
Code: Maestroke
(Just putting it out there that I am still a beginner I have barely applied to any roleplays on here and i haven't gotten replies yet.

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